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No Building Permit is needed for structures up to 120 ft² in California … Reno 200 ft².  Agriculture Land Owners, Municipalities, Federal, State, City and County uses aren’t required to attain a Building Permit.

               If your City or County allows portable “Shipping Containers”, “Canopies” and “Tent Type” Structures over 120 ft² - they should allow our larger than 120 ft² Structures without a Permit.  If not, our “in-house”, Roof, Wind, Seismic and Tie Down, not Stamped, Calculations are available for around $50. “Wet Stamped”, Registered Civil Engineer “verified calculations” are available for varying additional fees. Ask!

2.                    “WILL THE INSIDE CEILING or SIDES SWEAT?”

“Sweating” results from moisture being already being in the Structure – or moisture can “get in” by precipitating through an unsealed floor*.  However, our Floored Models do not let in moisture.  Floorless, enclosed Structures should use a “vapor barrier” placed under the Concrete, Asphalt or Gravel Base used.

      *Old Concrete without a vapor barrier generates moisture

3.                  “DO THEY RUST?”

Have you ever seen a rusted Commercial, Steel Sheeted Building?  No - because of their pre-galvanized and quality fired on” Polyester primer and paint – the same that’s used on practically all our Commercial Corrugated Sheeting.  Some Factory Flaws in the black paint are unavoidable and realize that some surface rust may eventually appear on the Black Painted Frame Members that are exposed to the outside and sun, but “surface rust” is not a concern.  Keep Main Support Beams resting on "draining areas" and they’ll last indefinitely, even if they eventually show surface rust.


Steel Frame plus 1-1/8” Plywood Floor with hold at least 65#/ft² and 3 to 4 times this if correctly supported.  Ask!

5.                  “DO THEY BURN?"

No! and we believe in any Grass and most Brush and fast moving Tree Top Fires, our Buildings with contents will survive.

6.                   “HOW MUCH DOES A BUILDING (or KIT) WEIGH?” 

 Factory Floored Buildings weight about 10# /ft². Floorless Building weight about 7# /ft².

7.                   “WHAT SHOULD I BRING TO PICK UP MY KIT?” … If we don’t deliver  

Customer is responsible to arrive at a pre-arranged reservation time during business hours (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) with a proper Truck/Trailer Rig.  Best to bring along a helper, gloves and plenty of tie down equipment.  We’ll forklift Kit onto your vehicle if possible.  Note: All Kits will be less than 8’ in width and your longest roof sheeting will be 2’ longer than the structure’s length, so plan accordingly.

8.                   “WHAT DO I NEED FOR SUPPORT – HOLD DOWNS?”

All our Structures can be put on any fairly level soil using only 2” to 4" deep Gravel Spots or Pressure Treated WOOD Support Pads placed under the main beams every 2’ to 4’.  It is possible to simply sit the Main Beams on Concrete Blocks.  A main objective is to assure that the Main Beams don’t sit continuously in standing water.  Hold Downs for 70 to 100 M.P.H. Wind (Code) are usually not necessary for Larger Building, loaded with as little as 10# /ft².  We believe our buildings are capable of riding out an Earthquake without failure or drastically upsetting contents.  Simply sit them on a level, graveled area.  If Hold Downs are absolutely required, we offer Earth Stakes, and Simpson's® Concrete Anchors.